Video Game Localization Rush!

Christmas is always an exciting time for gamers from all over the world. This is even more true this year with the release of two new gaming systems: Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

With these releases and the large flow of games coming for existing systems, there are lots of English to French video game localization projects I get to work on, whether this is for translation or proofreading. Although the emergence of smartphone/tablet and social games has transformed the industry, one thing that hasn’t changed is the incredibly busy pre-Christmas holidays time. Looking at the sales charts peaks at that time of the year, you can’t really blame editors for that.

Having been a very active gamer myself in a previous life, it’s always an immense pleasure to translate games and imagine players enjoying titles that I have worked on. It’s funny how game localization differs to other types of translations I do. To me, pre-Christmas time means the return of “character limitations” (also known as “would you please butcher your language to make this fit?”), manufacturer terminologies and the like. It’s a bit of a different world, and this diversity allows me to enjoy my job and fight routine.