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Video game localization is a mandatory step for most systems if you are planning to release your game in French territories. In general, games tend to sell a lot better when they are available in the native language of people who play them.

But localizing video games for new territories requires a lot of work and a flawless product, as bad translations can get your games rejected by manufacturers. It can also have a negative effect on ratings in mobile app stores, which in turn may hurt your sales. Thus, the choice of a reliable partner is of critical importance.

Having worked in a localization company as a lead translator for several years, I am well aware of the challenges of game localization. It’s not just about translating, but really adapting the whole game for a new audience.

  • Terminology: Each machine has its own terminology, and following the terms that are detailed in these documents is absolutely mandatory if you are to release your games on the said machine. As an experienced video game translator, I am perfectly used to working with gaming terminologies and you can rest assured there won’t be any critical mistake that could prevent your game from being released when you want it to.
  • Style: Games can have very different tones, and character with very different personalities. Rather than simply translating your texts word by word, I will make sure the dialogs truly reflects the characters’ identities in the localized version.
  • Respect of formatting: Character limits and the like: You will often need to have variables, placeholders in your text. You may also have character limits if your texts are displayed on a limited area. No problem here either! I perfectly understand what the variables are for and won’t “break” or misplace them, and I can also write reasonably short texts while keeping the translation natural and fluid.

What makes my services different

Accuracy and specialization: As a freelance game localization professional, I am familiar with the terminologies specific to each system. Thus, you won’t need to worry about having your game rejected for release because of terminology issues.

Quality: Studies determined that grammar and spelling mistakes can turn prospects away and give a poor image of your company, which can have long-lasting negative effects. I always proofread my texts and analyze them with advanced tools to ensure they are free of mistakes/inconsistencies. By using the services of a professional translator, you will give gamers and journalists a professional impression, leading to more favorable reviews and improved sales.

Punctuality: Timing can be crucial when it comes to the release of games – you don’t want to be missing the end-of-year holidays for example. This is why I always deliver promptly and answer support requests in a timely manner, so that you can get your games out there at the perfect time, for maximized profits.

Localization expertise: As a former software and game developer, I have a perfect understanding of the localization process as a whole. If you are not sure how to handle it, I will be able to assist you every step of the way, from extracting strings to implementing and testing them. I actively help the game localization industry move forward through my involvement with associations such as the IGDA Localization SIG, where I served as a committee member for 3 years.

Complete services: Do you need a search-engine-optimized copy for your promotional website? A press release translated for the media? Desktop publishing services for your user manuals? Voice-recording services for the characters of your game? I can provide all the services related to the localization process. Having a single provider simplifies project management, which means more time to focus on what you do best.

Experience: I am working with the most prestigious gaming companies. I can provide you with the same quality standards, to make your games stand out. Over the past few years, I have also been working closely with a large number of indie developers and small studios using Unity and similar tools. Finally, I am familiar with the challenges of localization for mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets, wearables), such as space constraints and keyword optimization for app stores. Mobile games are now a very large part of the projects I work on, but I still regularly help localize AAA titles for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

You can check out a few case studies for the video games I worked on as a freelance French translator. In these articles, I give more details about the localization process and my personal approach. You can also see a short list of games I am credited in.

If you are new to localization, here are a few articles that may help you get started:

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French Game Testing And Linguistic QA

I also provide video game testing (debug) and linguistic QA services. Game testing is often left to inexperienced native speakers – a major mistake. QA is your last chance to eliminate any critical bugs that may prevent the release of your game. That is why it should be left only to seasoned professionals, with a perfect command of the target language and a thorough understanding of manufacturer quality requirements.

I can work on test consoles, PC emulators and mobile devices to check your localized games and report any system and linguistic bugs I find. I have experience writing precise and concise bug reports to ensure ease of implementation. For this service, I typically charge per hour.

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