French Proofreader – Editing and Revision Services

I provide professional French proofreading, editing and revision services to businesses of all sizes to help them succeed in local markets and avoid costly mistakes. Before you contact a proofreader, understand the type of service you are looking for.

Revision vs. Editing vs. Proofreading

When you order professional services from a freelance French proofreader or editor, it is vital to clearly define your needs. Revision, editing and proofreading all have different meanings. The work involved (and associated costs) can vastly differ from a service to another.

Revision vs. Editing vs. Proofreading by Anthony Teixeira - French Proofreader

Revision means looking at the text as a whole and making sure it properly serves its purpose. It can be performed on both monolingual and translated texts.

Editing is about ensuring each paragraph and sentence conveys the message intended in a clear and consistent way. Here, we are trying to determine if the text has a proper structure and is easy to read.

For translated texts, the editor would check the source against the target to ensure nothing was lost in translation.

Proofreading consists on fixing any objective mistakes left in a text: typos, grammar issues, repeated words, etc. In this case, the text may be original or translated.

Services for Monolingual and Bilingual Documents

As a professional English to French translator, I can offer proofreading, editing and revision services on both monolingual and translated texts. Thus, my services range from looking for typos in original articles to checking a translated text against its source. In the latter case, I would look for accuracy (missing/added words, mistranslations) and consistency issues (are important terms translated consistently and do they match the glossary?).


Small mistakes can have dramatic consequences for your business. Customers will often be turned away by poorly written texts, and your brand image may suffer from such blunders.

I embrace a strong work ethic: quality, punctuality and reactivity are my key values. As your language partner, I will be reachable and ready to help you solve your French text issues.

My toolbox includes the latest professional quality assurance software. This includes advanced French spell and grammar check tools, which can detect issues free solutions don’t: misuse of homonyms, inconsistencies in the text, familiar expressions, literal translations of English words or idioms, etc. For bilingual texts, those tools will also look for things like inconsistent punctuation, term inconsistencies, missing/broken tags with you are using coded text, and more.

Once this process done, you can publish the files with no further edits.

Experience and Trust

After 14 years of experience in the language industry, both in-house with a localization company and as a freelance French proofreader, I am familiar with the common challenges of proofreading, editing and revision. This mileage allowed me to develop an eye for these tasks and find even the smallest mistakes. Complex grammatical structures have no secrets for me anymore, and I know the common mistakes even the best writers occasionally make. Your French text will be well-polished and ready for publication.

I can work on relatively short time frames and proofread up to 10,000 words a day depending on the quality of the translation. Pricing will also depend on the quality of the material provided. Ideally, try to have samples ready when asking for a quote to get an accurate idea of the time and costs involved. Documents written by non-native speakers or involving automated translation take significantly more time to fix and polish, hence higher costs.

My clientele covers various fields, and I will be more than happy to share a few examples on request. I can also provide samples of both my translation and edition work.

Free Quote

You can contact me anytime for all your professional French text proofreading, editing or revision needs. To do so, please use the form below or contact me directly by e-mail. I will reply within 1 business day, in just a few hours most of the time.

If possible, please send the text you want me to proofread along with your quote request. If that’s not a possibility, thanks for letting me know as many details as possible: subject of the text, file format, whether a native speaker wrote/translated the document, etc.

Important note about machine-translated texts: I often receive proofreading quotes for texts that were processed by a machine translation engine (Google Translate and similar providers) or AI tool (such as ChatGPT). Please note that while I may offer to fix grammatical mistakes and obvious mistranslations, the cost will be significantly higher than it would be for a properly translated text produced by a qualified human. Even then, the final result is likely to be of a lesser quality.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to send you?

You can directly send me any documents you need proofread online, by email. I will be able to work with most file types.

How much does this service cost?

Pricing will depend on several factors, including quality of the French text (amount of corrections needed) and any specific needs you may have (for example, comparison against English source, terminology checks against a specific glossary, use of a specific French variant, such as Parisian, Canadian or Swiss French, etc.)

How long will this take?

Project time frames will vary based on my current availability and amount of work to do on your texts. In general, I can offer proofreading services for 3,000 to 10,000 words a day.

Do you also proofread texts from non-native speakers?

Yes, but please note I will focus on fixing objective mistakes in the texts I receive. If you aim to produce a natural and fluent copy, you may find translation or copywriting services more adapted to your needs.

Do you guarantee the final text will be perfect if you proofread it?

When proofreading, I will check your documents and fix any irrefutable issues I can find. Typos, grammar/syntax issues, wrong use of tenses, inconsistencies, punctuation mistakes, etc. If your goal is to have a final text of the highest quality possible, please ask for a text revision. Here I will do my best to polish the French copy – this will however take more time and cost more.

Do you offer your services for any type of document?

I can proofread any type of text, regardless of their topic. If you are looking for revision or editing services, which may require more familiarity with the subject, please feel free to contact me. Technical, marketing and business documents are specializations I can typically handle.