Meticulous French Translation Services

Work With A Professional French Translator

I am a freelance translator and proofreader, providing native French translation services since 2009. I’ve spent a few years learning the ropes in a localization company before becoming independent.

My experience spans over more than a dozen industries and well over a hundred clients. I can adapt my style and tone to your specific needs, so you can benefit from the best localization experience possible.

Work directly with a reliable and accurate translator to enjoy several advantages.

A Methodical Approach To Translation

Professional translation process by Anthony Teixeira - Professional French Translator
I follow a rigorous process to deliver quality translations.

  • Translation draft – I prepare a draft of the French document, following any specific instructions given and using professional translation tools for consistency
  • Manual editing & proofreading – Unless your project is urgent, I will let the text rest a bit so I can edit it with a refreshed mind. I then go over the whole translation to check its accuracy and fluidity. Next come spell and grammar checks, both manually and using specialized applications
  • Quality assurance – Before delivery, I run my final draft through advanced tools to fix any issues left. Such solutions go far beyond what traditional spellcheckers offer: they detect typos (including homophones), common mistranslations and literal translations of English words, syntax errors, inconsistencies at a word/sentence level, missing numbers and punctuation, formatting issues for complex file types, and more
  • Delivery – Finally, you receive the French translation by the agreed deadline

After delivery, I remain available for edits and additions. I deal with such queries promptly, so you meet your deadlines.

Quality Given Priority

Ethics – No translator can translate anything. Translation requires skills and familiarity with the subject. Nobody specializes in everything.

If I have the slightest suspicion the work at hand is out of my scope, or I can’t handle it for moral reasons, I will inform you right away. In this case, I will try to refer you to a colleague, when possible.

Tailored services – A good translation requires preparation and a strong mutual understanding. I will learn about the background of your project and your products/services. After that, I will prepare a glossary together with a style guide. We can discuss specific requests in terms of style and tone at this stage.

Well-polished French copy: Grammar, conjugation, terminology and spelling mistakes turn prospects away and give a poor image of your company. I always proofread my texts and check them with advanced tools.

Punctuality – Timing can be crucial. If your project requires immediate attention, my experience allows me to translate fast while maintaining high quality standards. I always deliver and answer support requests in time.

Localization expertise – As an industry expert, I understand every technical aspect of the process. I will assist you every step of the way, from file preparation to text integration. I can also handle texts in most file formats, from Office documents to InDesign files. That includes common programming languages.

Heavily formatted document types are not an issue either: your brochures, presentations, booklets, packaging, flyers and other marketing assets are in good hands

Experience – My clients include prestigious companies covering various industries, from manufacturing and software development to financial services and legal consulting. Enjoy the same quality standards as market leaders.

Moreover, if you are selling a product or service, my experience optimizing the value of localization projects can help you improve your business outcomes. For example, if you are translating website listings or an App Store description, I will follow SEO/ASO and copywriting best practices.

Finally, I keep up with the developments of the translation industry by regularly attending conferences and seminars, sometimes giving presentations myself. I constantly learn to keep my ability to offer you relevant services.

Working With A Freelance Translator Offers Many Advantages

You could be tempted to work with a translation agency to simplify project management. However, hiring a reliable professional French translator directly will benefit you in several ways:

  • Lower costs – No middlemen, no agency fees. Freelance translators offer their services at more competitive rates.
  • Quality and consistency – With an agency, you never truly know who is working on your text. It can cause great variations in style and tone. With a single provider, you eliminate accuracy and consistency issues.
  • Quick and smooth communication – Need a quick answer? Talk directly to the translator in charge. You will convey your needs easier and faster. A smooth translation process is all about proper communication. Clients and translators should be able to exchange notes seamlessly.

Expert Services By A Seasoned Translator

Translation is a vast industry, and it is impossible for a translator to specialize in everything.

Having said that, with over 10 years of experience in the language industry and through my personal hobbies and interests, I have developed my skill set to include the following subjects. Hopefully you will find some place where our stories connect.

  • IT/Software/Computer hardware: As an IT graduate, that was one of the first specializations in my portfolio. The content I translate ranges from user manuals to technical documentation to press releases and more. I keep up with this fast-moving industry, and recent technologies such as AI, machine learning, virtualization and cloud computing hold no mysteries to me
  • Games: A hobby since my childhood. I have been playing games as far as I remember, that is since the NES days. Incidentally, my career as a translator started in a video game localization agency. I am credited in a number of console games (and uncredited in many, many more, unfortunately), and I have worked on hundreds of smartphone titles during the past few years
  • Industrial and consumer electronics: A common field of work since my early days as a translator. Broad range of document types, including technical documentation, manuals, specifications and promotional materials
  • Cryptocurrencies/Forex: As a freelancer dealing with different currencies, this has always been a topic of interest. As for cryptocurrencies, I’ve been on board pretty early – some years back, I was offered a payment in Bitcoin for what was worth 1 Bitcoin at the time, when the rate was still under $100. I politely declined, and the mistake still haunts me today. Still, it didn’t stop me from translating various websites and white papers related to cryptocurrencies in the meantime
  • Business/Marketing/Entrepreneurship: Again, as a freelancer/de facto business owner, who once considered starting his own agency, these are topics I have been studying rather intensively, both in French and in my working languages. I frequently translate websites, press releases, marketing collaterals and communications for fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • SEO/Websites/E-learning: Here again, my former experience as a professional webmaster comes in handy. And I have been honing my SEO skills for over 10 years now, as I know how powerful of a sales tool it can be. I hope you will find this website a convincing testament of my ability in this area. From keyword research to search engine-friendly content writing, you can count on me
  • Sports: I keep up with a number of sports in both my native French and my working languages (English, Japanese). I have personally played tennis and handball in my childhood, and I have been a close follower of soccer, rugby and motorsports (Formula 1, Moto GP, WRC mostly) for decades now. More generally, I enjoy translating content related to sports, such as news, match reports and technical analyzes
  • Fitness/Health: I regularly exercise and do resistance training to stay in shape, while keeping an eye on my nutrition. This has led me to read a lot about these topics in different languages, and that’s also one type of content I can enthusiastically work on
  • Travel/Tourism: A common hobby, especially for translators, I reckon. I do, however, have significant experience in this field, including promotional assets for my local town (descriptions of temples, specialty food, crafting techniques) and brochures for various touristic areas
  • Children’s books: As a father of 3, I have naturally developed an interest in this literary sub-genre. I like how great stories can be beautifully told with simple words. Writing with a young audience in mind is always a pleasure

A Proven Track Record In The Localization Industry

I have successfully been working with various partners: individuals, companies small and large, well-reputed translation agencies, fellow translators and more. Here are a few quotes from satisfied customers who kindly agreed to share their feedback:

From the first project to our 4th now, Anthony has been professional, dependable, and always ahead of the deadline with highest quality. I hope we can keep you busy enough to keep you away from our competitors!

Our company has been cooperating with Anthony for already several years and we regret we have not still left a positive feedback. Anthony is a wonderful translator, always ready to help and gives high quality results. Besides high qualification level Anthony has wonderful communication skills which makes working with him benefit and pleasure at the same time.

Responsive and reliable translator.

It was a great experience to work with Anthony with English-to-French translation. Thank you for being prompt and scrupulous!

Direct localization of our web page files in HTML and PHP format went smoothly. Job was delivered very quickly and accurately. Superb service!

You will find the complete list and details here.

Free Services And Machine Translation Aren’t Up To Par

Machine translation has improved over the past decade, most experts agree on that. Online services and automated translation apps have their benefits. However, even the best of them are still far from offering the same quality as human translators.

Results are unpredictable, sometimes to comical effect. While it is not much of an issue if you just want to understand the general meaning of a document, it is much more problematic when you plan to use your translated texts for publication or commercial purposes. Automated translation mistakes are making news regularly.

To get a quick idea of the subject of an article or post you saw online, tools such as DeepL can certainly help. But for any professional needs, a reliable provider will always be your best option.

Let’s Get Started Now

Ready for your next translation project? The fastest way to get started is contact me by e-mail or use the form below to ask for a quote. I will analyze your needs and answer within 24 hours.

If you already have documents ready at hand for translation, please attach them to your quote request. However, if you are only inquiring ahead of a project, it would help to know a few things: the subject of the source text, its file format, expected word count and specific needs in terms of time frame and delivery format.

Besides translation requests, I will be happy to answer any questions regarding the localization process. Let’s analyze your objectives together and determine how we can make your globalization initiatives work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your translation services cost?

You can use this tool to get a quick, general idea of translation costs. However, rates can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, the main ones being:

  • Content type and difficulty
  • File format – Files in plain text are cheaper to translate than heavily formatted or non-editable documents
  • Urgency of the project

For an accurate estimate, the best way would be to send me your source files or at least a sample of them, together with any specific needs you may have, such as formatting or deadline. I will prepare a personalized quote within 24 hours.

How do you ensure the quality of your translations?

All translation jobs and projects come with their own context and needs. If you have a specific style in mind or existing localized materials, we can discuss it and establish a style guide and bilingual glossary.

I use translation memories to further ensure consistency and accuracy of translated materials, even when translations are spaced out in time.

Finally, I follow a strict quality assurance process that includes manual proofreading and automated checks with advanced, professional solutions.

I have a very large/urgent project, can you handle it?

For very large projects or ones that require very quick turnaround times, I can build a small team of trusted French translators to meet deadlines while keeping a high level of quality. Please contact me with more details so we can find the best solution.

I need to translate my documents in several languages, can you help me?

I only translate into French myself, but you can hire me as a freelance project manager and I will work with colleagues who have my professional trust to handle multilingual projects. While I can’t handle just any language this way, I have built an extensive network of quality linguists over the years to cover the most common language combinations.

Do you also offer interpreting services?

Interpretation is a different discipline altogether. I have some interpreting experience and may help, but can’t guarantee it. I mostly offer text translation services. However, I can recommend qualified candidates for your interpreting projects.

Do you offer transcription services?

Yes, I offer French verbatim and edited transcription services. Please e-mail me with details for a quote.

Do you offer copywriting and localized SEO services?

Yes, I offer French copywriting/creative translation/transcreation/localized SEO services. Please e-mail me with details for a quote.

Are you a native French speaker?

Yes, and I only translate into my native language. Although many freelance translators claim to be bilingual linguists, most of us have a preferred language. I grew up in France speaking French, which is why I focus on translations from English into French rather than the other way around.

Can you translate into Canadian/Swiss French?

Yes. Although my native dialect is French from France (also called Parisian French or Continental French), I work with several companies based in Canada and Switzerland.

Variations between each dialect are relatively minor and I am trained to handle them. For creative works, it may be a good idea to ask a local to check the content for cultural appropriateness, but it’s a good practice you should follow for any localization project.

Do you work with professional software?

Yes. To achieve high levels of quality and consistency, I work with professional translation environments. SDL Trados Studio 2017 for translation/Xbench for QA are my daily tools, but memoQ, Memsource, Passolo, Idiom WorldServer and others are just as fine.

Are you interested in in-house jobs/contracts with a fixed salary?

I only offer freelance services although work on-site is a possibility. I define rates after taking various factors into consideration rather than charging a determined salary or hourly fee. Long-term and recurring projects are always welcome, but I can only book my time for confirmed assignments. I am self-employed and have no plans to change that status.

For a translator who can work a fixed number of hours every week, you should consider hiring a full-time employee.

I need my product localized, but I am not familiar with the process

Besides translation services, I offer articles to help you optimize the process. They cover various topics, including best practices and cost reduction tips. Here are a few examples of articles I’ve written to assist clients in the localization field:

Please check my FAQ and confidentiality policy pages for more answers to the following questions: