Increase Your Sales With Meticulously Crafted French Translations

Translating your products or services is a proven way to improve your global sales. According to Common Sense Advisory, “75% of buyers will choose a product in their own language rather than one in English.”

To achieve this, you will want to find and work with a professional English to French translator.

Let me help you succeed on French markets with accurate and compelling translations as well as my expertise in the localization industry.

7 Reasons To Work With A Professional French Translator

I am a freelance translator and proofreader. Providing native French translation services online since 2009, I’ve spent a few years learning the ropes in a localization company before turning independent. Today, I offer my skills as an individual language service provider.

Work directly with a reliable and accurate professional translator to enjoy several advantages. Here are a few of them:

1. A Methodical Approach To Translation

Professional translation process by Anthony Teixeira - Professional French Translator
I follow a strict process to produce quality translations.

  • Translation draft – I write a first version of the French document, following any specific instructions given. I use advanced translation software (SDL Trados Studio) to ensure consistency
  • Manual editing & proofreading – After letting the text rest I edit and proofread it with fresh eyes. I go over the whole translation to check its accuracy. I also make sure it flows naturally. I then check spelling and grammar, both manually and using specialized applications
  • Quality assurance – Before delivery, I run my final draft through advanced tools to fix any issues left. Such solutions go far beyond what traditional spellcheckers offer: they can detect typos (including homonyms), common mistranslations of English words, grammatical errors, inconsistencies on a word or sentence level, missing numbers and punctuation, formatting issues for advanced file types, and more
  • Delivery – Finally, I deliver the French translation by the agreed deadline

After delivery, I remain available for any edits and additions required. I answer such queries promptly, so you can meet your deadlines.

2. Quality Given Priority

Ethics – No translator can translate anything. Translation requires not only skills but also familiarity with and understanding of the subject. Nobody specializes in everything. If I have the slightest suspicion that the work at hand is out of my scope, or that I can’t handle it for moral reasons, I will let you know right away and refer you to a colleague who might help, when possible.

Tailored services – A good translation requires preparation. I will learn about the context of your project, understand your product or service and prepare a glossary together with a style guide. We also discuss your specific needs at this stage.

Grammar, conjugation, terminology and spelling mistakes turn prospects away and give a poor image of your company. I always proofread my texts and check them with advanced tools to fix any issues. Give your prospects a professional image and improve your sales.

Punctuality – Timing is crucial for the release of your products. I always deliver and answer support requests in time.

Localization expertise – As an industry expert, I understand every technical aspect of the process. I will assist you every step of the way, from file preparation to text integration. I can also handle texts in most file formats, from Office documents to InDesign files. That also includes common programming languages, particularly the ones used for websites. Complex document types are not an issue either: brochures, presentations, booklets, packaging, flyers and other marketing assets are in good hands

Experience – My clients include prestigious companies from various industries. Enjoy the same quality standards as market leaders. It also means I know how to help you get the most of your translation projects. For example, if you are translating a website for a business or an App Store description, I will follow SEO/ASO and copywriting best practices for its French version

3. Working With A Freelance Translator Offers Many Advantages

Working with a translation agency can be tempting in terms of project management. However, hiring a reliable professional French translator directly will benefit you in many ways:

  • Lower costs – No middlemen, no agency fees. Freelance translators offer more competitive prices.
  • Quality and consistency – With an agency, you’re never sure who takes care of your text. It can cause great variations in style and tone. With a single provider, you eliminate accuracy and consistency issues and client complaints.
  • Quick and smooth communication – Need a quick answer? Then talk directly to the translator in charge. You will convey your needs faster and easier.

4. Expert Services Take The Strain From Your Shoulders

Once I have the texts you need translated, sit back and relax. I also share articles to help you optimize the process. They cover various topics to help you reduce costs and apply best practices. Here are a few examples of articles I’ve written to help clients in the localization field:

5. A Proven Track Record In The Localization Industry

I have successfully been working with various types of partners: individuals, companies small and large, well-reputed translation agencies, fellow professional translation service providers and more. Here are just a few quotes from satisfied customers who kindly accepted to share their feedback:

From the first project to our 4th now, Anthony has been professional, dependable, and always ahead of the deadline with highest quality. I hope we can keep you busy enough to keep you away from our competitors!

Our company has been cooperating with Anthony for already several years and we regret we have not still left a positive feedback. Anthony is a wonderful translator, always ready to help and gives high quality results. Besides high qualification level Anthony has wonderful communication skills which makes working with him benefit and pleasure at the same time.

Responsive and reliable translator.

It was a great experience to work with Anthony with English-to-French translation. Thank you for being prompt and scrupulous!

Direct localization of our web page files in HTML and PHP format went smoothly. Job was delivered very quickly and accurately. Superb service!

You will find the complete list and details here.

6. Free Services And Machine Translation Aren’t Up To Par

Machine translation has made progress over the past decade, most experts agree on that. Online services and apps offering automated translation can have their uses. However, they are still far from offering the same quality as human translators.

Results remain unpredictable, sometimes to comical effect. It is not much of an issue if you just want to understand the general meaning of a document, but much more so if you plan to use your translated texts for publication or any business purposes. Automated translation mistakes causing dramatic issues are making news regularly.

To get a quick idea of the content of an article or post you saw online, tools such as DeepL can certainly help. For any professional needs, a reliable specialist will always be your best option.

7. Transparency And Responsiveness

With no intermediaries, we can communicate directly and get things moving as soon as you decide. No middlemen to forward emails from a party to another, costing time while potentially losing important bits of information.

A smooth translation process is all about proper communication: clients and translators should exchange information and notes seamlessly.

Let’s Get Started Now

Ready for your next translation project? Then contact me by e-mail or use the form below to learn more about my services and ask for a quote. I will answer within 24 hours.

If you already have documents ready at hand for translation, please attach them to your quote request. However, if you are only inquiring ahead of a project, it would help me immensely to know the subject of the source text, its file format, expected word counts and any specific needs you may have in terms of time frame and delivery format.

Besides translation requests, I will be happy to answer any doubts you may have regarding the localization process. Let’s look at your needs together and find out how can make your globalization initiatives work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure the quality of your translations?

All translation jobs and projects have their own context and needs. If you have a specific style in mind or existing localized materials, we can discuss it and establish a style guide and bilingual glossary I will follow carefully. I also work with unique translation memories (TM) for each client.

Using a translation memory allows me to further ensure consistency and accuracy in translated materials, even when translations are spaced out in time.

I follow a strict quality assurance that includes manual proofreading and automated checks with the latest solutions of the trade.

Do you also offer interpreting services?

Interpretation is a different discipline altogether. I do have interpreting experience and I may help, but can’t guarantee it. I mostly offer text translation services. However, I will be happy to help you find a qualified candidate for your interpreting projects.

Do you offer transcription services?

Yes, I offer French verbatim and edited transcription services. Please e-mail me with details for a quote.

Do you offer copywriting and localized SEO services?

Yes, I offer French copywriting/creative translation/transcreation/localized SEO services. Please e-mail me with details for a quote.

Are you a native French speaker?

Yes, and I only translate into my native language. Although many freelance translators claim to be bilingual linguists, most of use have a language we’re more comfortable with. I grew up in France speaking French, which is why I focus on translations from English into French and not the other way around.

Can you translate into Canadian/Swiss French?

Yes. Although my native dialect is French from France (also called Parisian French or Continental French), I have successfully worked with several companies based in Canada and Switzerland. The differences between each dialect are relatively minor and I am trained to handle them. For the most creative works, it may be a good idea to ask a local to check the content for cultural appropriateness – but that’s a good practice you should follow for any localization project.

Do you work with professional software?

Yes. To ensure quality and consistency of my translations, I work with professional translation environments. SDL Trados Studio for translation/Xbench for QA are the default tools I use daily, but I can also work in memoQ, Memsource, Passolo, Idiom WorldServer and others.

Are you interested in in-house jobs/contracts with a fixed salary?

I only offer freelance services although I may provide them on-site. I define rates after taking various factors into consideration rather than asking for a determined salary or hourly fee. Recurring projects are much welcome, but I can only book my time and guarantee my availability for confirmed jobs.

If you are looking for a translator who can work a fixed number of hours every week, you will want to hire an in-house employee.

Please check my FAQ and confidentiality policy pages for more answers to the following questions about my translation services:

Anthony Teixeira

Anthony Teixeira - Professional English to French IT/Software/Video game translator

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As a professional and experienced French translator and proofreader, I will help you with all your localization needs. My services cover various types of texts, from user manuals to software UI.

Quality, punctuality and professionalism are my values. Let's work together to ensure the success of your products and services in French-speaking markets.

Ask me for a free quote so we can get started right away, or send me your questions anytime: you will get a reply within a day in most cases.