Review Trados TMX or Wordfast Translation Memories With Olifant

If you work with Trados or Wordfast regularly and with different translation memories depending on the project. You may want to do a bit of clean up and check your translation memories occasionally. The problem is that these software, especially their older versions, offer only limited options to reorganize your TMs.

To do this easy, I highly recommend Olifant, a free .NET application that allows you to manage your translation memories easily. Just open your TM file (.tmx for Trados), and you will have a two-column interface to edit the contents of your file. It also makes it easy to copy and paste texts into another software, if you want to use an external spell checker for example (it is what I usually do when I translate .ttx files with lots of locked segements, getting only the text added to the TM in Olifant makes it easy to extract the texts I did translate).