Just Completed Big Software (Cloud/Big Data) Project

What a week! I have been extremely busy working on a large software company for one the very biggest IT companies in the world. The theme was mainly cloud/big data, backup and recovery. It was an interesting project, technical but not overly complex.

The biggest issues I had were related to -will this surprise anybody?- Trados. This software can save me significant time on small to mid-size projects, but it becomes so slow and prone to crash when you try to do something a little more complex with it. If I count the time I spent installing/learning the thing, the crashes, the time it takes just to start working on a project and saving large files (despite quite reasonable machinery), the total time may very well be higher than the time the software actually saves me. And from what I have been reading, Trados 2014 doesn’t really address these issues (or not yet at least).

Anyway! I’m done with my tasks for the week and I am getting ready for a little rest home – the town is covered in snow today, no chance to go very far by this weather.