Trados Studio Packages (.sdlppx) Taking Time to Load

SDL Trados Studio can be quite slow to execute some tasks that shouldn’t be all that complex.

Take packages (.sdlppx files) for example. They’re essentially a bunch of project files bundled together – nothing too different from what you’d get in a .zip or .rar archive. Yet, if you have a rather large package, for example with a massive TM or a very high number of files to translate, Trados will take a huge amount of time or just freeze while trying to open the whole thing. I have no idea what takes it so long, I assume it’s just one of the many under-optimized features of the software.

There’s no easy fix to that issue to my knowledge. In such situations, I usually get back to my client and just ask them to send me the project files in a compressed archive rather than a Trados package. Archives extract themselves infinitely quicker and .sdlproj files also open up very quickly.

If you know a better way to speed up the whole process, I’d be delighted to know about it!