Switching back from Reviewed/In Sign-off status in Trados Studio 2011

I had yet another issue with Trados Studio 2011 recently. For a translation project, I was asked to deliver files with the “Translated” status. So I used this tip to make sure all was fine, and analyzed all of my project files again to update their statuses.

Problem: some of them still appeared with the “In Sign-Off” or “Reviewed” status in the project view, although the files had the right status when I opened them. As it turned out, the status of files is also stored in .sdlproj files, but in a very different way – and no simple find/replace trick can help with it.

If you ever have this issue after completing your translation, create a new project and then import the files (.sdlxliff files in the target language folder of your previous project) you modified following the tip mentioned above. Trados should recalculate the respective statuses of your files and display them correctly. A little tedious, but it does the trick.