Game Localization Link Roundup – May 2016

May was somewhat a slower month in the game localization industry after a few content-rich months. It might just be the calm before the storm though, as great things to be waiting around the corner. On a personal level, I have been working on a couple of exciting projects behind the scenes, with more to be announced later this year.

For now, enjoy this month’s selection – only 6 links, but interesting topics with a bit of localization controversy and a rare glance at localization impact on game sales.

XSEED Localization General Blog #1 – XSEED strikes again with this article about getting started in the localization industry

Nintendo is renaming Pikachu in one of its largest markets, and Hong Kongers are not happy – While the issue reaches way beyond the game localization industry, what was arguably the first localization-related demonstration was too big of an event not to mention

Sales data and localization (Sergei Klimov) – A rare chance to see the impact of localization on game sales. A lot of fascinating data to explore

On pop-culture references and localization – From our Facebook group

Localizing your game into Spanish, which Spanish do you choose? – An interview with veteran (European, Argentinian, Mexican) Spanish translators

Podcast: ‘Censorship’ And Localization – A lot has already been said about that issue, but you can always catch up with this podcast from Kotaku