Game Localization Link Roundup – March 2016

Here is my monthly selection of game localization links, with articles, videos and more. The big event of March was of course the LocJAM. I was in Tokyo yesterday for the Game Localization Round Table at the LocWorld30 preconference, and had an amazing time. A great variety of people, covering the whole localization spectrum from devs to translators and every position between, was present and the discussions and content shared were fascinating. Watch this space and the IGDA LocSIG group on Facebook for updates regarding this event.

The LocJAM has once again been a very good source of fresh content in different formats. You will find a small selection here, together with other articles, videos and discussions on various topics.

On game localization & local communities feat Sheila Gomes – Our very own Sheila in an informal discussion about game localization and community management, definitely worth watching for young translators

How Ubisoft Localized The Division – “We had more than 850 people involved in the whole localization process.”

9 Tips on Localizing Audio – Another quality article on audio localization

How to translate a game for the LocJAM – A good introduction to the LocJAM and game localization in general

Keeping Monster Hunter out of ‘Meme Country’ on the way to stateside success – Based on Andrew Alfonso’s presentation at the GDC

Localizing pays off… in some places – A unique chance to see correlation between localization and piracy/sales numbers. This is just one particular example, of course, but the data is still fascinating

Free Fan Translations Really Leave Everyone Worse Off – Another opinion article on a controversial topic. Good arguments, regardless of your position on the issue

Trillion: God of Destruction Interview – The Marketing and Localization of a Niche Game – Interesting discussion and rare insight into localized marketing

Introduction to the game localization process through the LocJAM – Based on the LocJAM3 Kyoto workshop presentation (slides included)

LocJAM3 Barcelona Workshop – More slides, courtesy of Carme Mangiron Hevia

LocJAM3 – Las Palmas Workshop – A workshop video this time, from Jennifer Vela

Challenges of localizing typing game – Or what happens when language is part of the gameplay

Confessions of a game translator: 12 actual reasons why some game translations suck – The title says it all

A discussion about asset localization, or rather whether they should always be localized or not

Another discussion on our Facebook group, this time about the localization of what “most players never see”