Game Localization Link Roundup – April 2017

Besides controversy surrounding Persona 5’s localization, April has been a rather calm month in the game localization world.

June will see new elections organized for the IGDA LocSIG steering committee. It has been a great pleasure to help the SIG over the last year and half. Achievements include the resurrection of our newsletter – a repository for everything interesting happening in the industry -, 3 workshops/local study groups for the LocJAM, actual help organizing the event itself (finding/internationalizing a game, most notably), a couple of webinars, various articles and presentations…

Will I run again? I don’t know yet, but I am certainly planning to keep contributing to the community in various ways. More specifically, I am starting to build a small list of games that can easily be localized by anybody (= to gain experience and build a portfolio, to help young translators enter the industry) and thinking about new events that could encourage the global community to gather and celebrate what we do offline, regardless of background and experience.

But personal talks for now, here are the links for April!

Persona 5: How Atlus USA Localized an Instant Classic

Localize Everything – Finding Hardcore Fans Worldwide – Extra Credits

Pictures from LocJAM4 study groups – Our community in action!

“I am preparing a guide for indie game devs: How to save money on localization.” – Interesting thread on Reddit where a few devs kindly shared internationalization/localization good practices

The Legend of Heroes: Trails Series – Localization Blog #2