Busy week working on IT projects

A very enjoyable week comes to an end as I just finished working on two very interesting projects: one of them was a PC game, a MMORPG that is going to be released in all major European languages in the next few weeks, and the other one was an iPhone application.

I’ve been quite busy working on them, but these were very pleasant projects, the kinds of projects that allow you to express your creativity a little and have fun while translating.

I also translated a couple of small software/hardware manuals for a major manufacturer. It’s always interesting to translation documents related to the latest technologies – the products themselves are sometimes very tempting.

I will spend the next two days (Sunday/Monday) relaxing a little as I’m on a short trip. Meeting friends and visiting a park, there’s nothing better to recharge your batteries and come back full of energy and a refreshed mind for another week!