A bit of free time!

After a few incredibly busy weeks, it seems I am finally getting a chance to rest a little bit! I have been working day and night on some exciting IT projects and now I can take some time to relax with my family, a fair reward after so much hard work.

It is always fascinating to work on documentation related to the latest technologies. IT is an industry that moves so fast that I get to learn about new protocols, languages and systems monthly. That being said, the knowledge I acquired at university is still very relevant and helps me a lot when it comes to understanding what such or such a protocol is for and how it works.

It also makes me realize how important specialization is for translators… If I had to translate such advanced texts about, say medicine, I would probably understand most of them and be able to find some general information about the parts I’m less comfortable with, but I would be missing a lot of subtleties.