Why Localization Quality Matters For App Sales

Improve app sales with quality localization services

The importance of localization is now well documented. You can find dozens of case studies out there, with stories of sales increased by a 2 to 3-digit percentage, sometimes simply by localizing app descriptions. This promising reward doesn’t come without effort, though.

Although localization can be a very powerful sales enabler, quality is essential to make the most out of it. Indeed, localization-related issues can ruin your globalization efforts, and even have a negative impact sales for your app’s native language.

Reviews influence downloads

Reviews are a decisive factor when people decide whether to download an app or not. A couple of bad reviews could be enough to cut your download numbers in half, and lack of/unproper localization is one of the most common sources of negative reviews.

Nobody likes an application that looks like it was processed through an automated translation engine. By releasing low quality localized versions of your app, you could cause ratings to dive and lose the trust of potential customers – even in the original language version. In that respect, localization can be a double-edged sword if not handled properly.

ASO: you need the right localized keywords to be found

Working on App Store Optimization (ASO) is one of the most important strategies to improve your sales. So when you try to reach new markets, it makes sense to localize every aspect of your app, from description to keywords, to ensure it shows up in search results – ideally ahead of competitors.

When you do it, it is vital to use the right keywords in each language. If you use low quality localization services or if your provider lacks market knowledge, the odds are high that you will lose out to rival solutions, because you won’t be targeting the right keywords.

You need to work with someone who perfectly understands the target market and is familiar with your industry. A synonym won’t do here, you need the one keyword that most people interested in your app are going to look for.

How to make the most out of localization?

– Hire a professional, specialized translator. The providers you hire shouldn’t just be native speakers of the target language. They need to perfectly understand your product, the market and what users will be expecting. Remember, a “good enough” translation won’t cut it. Only an accurate and perfectly localized product will allow you to truly optimize downloads and purchases. Look for experienced translators who clearly list applications as one of their main specializations. The more targeted the better. Ensure they have a good understanding of app localization challenges and concepts such as ASO, and check their track record.

– Test localized versions. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. Even if you have a good translation for your app, different types of issues can happen during implementation and harm your efforts. Only release your localized app when it is truly ready to achieve better ratings and the improved sales that go with. If you are short on resources or budget, start with just a couple of languages and expand progressively.