Translation Projects for 2014

First of all, a Happy New Year to all! 2013 has been a fantastic year for me as a translator, I feel I have developed so much as a professional. I have been marketing my services more aggressively (launching this website being only the tip of the iceberg), officially registered my business rather than working as an individual, and just improved as a translator. I learned about new tools that make my life easier (AutoHotKey would be on the top of that list) but also allow me to deliver better translations and avoid silly mistakes (XBench and Antidote are incredible tools for that).

My professional projects for 2014? Trying to deliver better translations and reaching out to more people are always goals, of course. Concretely, I will try to be more efficient with administrative tasks to be able to spend more time on translation/marketing. Improving this website is also somewhere near the top of the list. I will have to get to grips with Trados 2014 and maybe try out a few new tools to stay on the top of my game. Perfecting my Japanese skills and being more active locally is something I should be doing all the time, but I will try to do more of it. Sounds like a good start, and this is only for my professional projects, as a translator. As an individual, there are even more exciting things ahead!