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Dear Sir/Madam

We saw your profile online and were impressed!! Here's a job for you.

You will find attached a series of poems - very easy stuff, most words can be found in the dictionary!

Could you take care of this for half your price? It's not your specialization, so I assume we'll need to do a lot of rework here.
Because the project is urgent, we need you to deliver by batches of 200 words, at least once every 10 minutes.

We will send you a PO after delivery and validation by the client. Sign it and send it back with your invoice. We will pay within 80 days.

Oh and I almost forgot, please reply with your signature on a blank piece of paper. It's for administrative purposes.

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About the Translation Job Generator

Any freelance translator who has been in business for more than a couple months is probably familiar with job requests such as the one you will find below.

Unrealistic deadlines, ridiculous rate, scandalous payment terms, processes that make non-sense, scam attempts, pathetic negotiation tactics and odd demands… A few of random sentences here are copy/pasted from actual communications, while the other are only slightly exaggerated versions of real e-mails. I also got inspiration from posts shared on translators forums and groups.

What is the purpose of this generator? I’m not sure! But I enjoy running it every once in a while, and I would love to get input from fellow translators. The more the merrier!


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