[LocJAM Japan] How to Translate Ikinari Maou in Trados, MemoQ, Excel, LibreOffice

Ikinari Maou is the game offered for translation for LocJAM Japan, a Japanese to English game localization contest. This article offers pointers to translate its localizable strings in different CAT and non-CAT tools, and may be updated as questions arise. Please also note that this is an unofficial guide, with no guarantees whatsoever.

The localizable file was successfully tested in both SDL Trados Studio and MemoQ. You can create a project as you normally would, with the following settings:

SDL Trados Studio (2014 or later)

To translate in Trados, please use the following options for the .csv file type in your project options:

How to localize Ikinari Maou (LocJAM Japan game) in Trados

MemoQ (tested on version 2015)

When importing the file in MemoQ, please use the following configuration:
Localization of Ikinari Maou in MemoQ

In both cases, your CAT tool should be able to export the .csv file in the right format and encoding, without any further modification.


If you are working with Excel or similar spreadsheet software, you will be able to open/save the .csv file directly, but you may have trouble exporting files in the right format if you add certain characters (quotation marks, etc.). In that case, I would recommend the use of the free code and text editor Notepad++. Once installed, copy the source and target columns from Excel (or similar software), open the original (untranslated) file in Notepad++, select all the text (Ctrl + A) and replace it with the content of your spreadsheet content. Save the file, and everything should work smoothly.

Of course, you can translate directly in Notepad++, but you will most likely find Excel more comfortable to do so.


A member of the IGDA LocSIG Group on Facebook, Anish Krishnamurthy, kindly shared the following settings to open the file in LibreOffice: