How To Localize iPhone/iPad Apps (iOS/Xcode): Useful Resources

If you are new to iPhone/iPad app localization, you may not be sure where to get started. Here are a few useful resources that should get you on the right track.

Besides these practical tutorials for iOS platforms, you should remember that localization is a process that should ideally begin at the design stage of app development. You will find more general localization best practices here.

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  • This tutorial by Sean Berry/Ali Hafizji and updated up to iOS7 is extremely well-written and clear. It takes you through each step of the localization process in Xcode and tells you exactly what to do with your localizable files and their content. If you are absolutely new to iOS app localization, you should start here.
  • Another excellent tutorial from AppCoda, maybe a little more concrete and practical. You get to see a little more code here, but it remains very simple and gives you tips you can apply to any app localization project.
  • To go further, the reference is of course Apple’s own internationalization and localization guide. Because it is very dense and technical, I would recommend to first check the two tutorials above to get a good understanding of the processes and concepts involved. Once you’ve got the base covered, you can dig into the official documentation for more specific localization needs.


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