How To Localize Android Apps: Useful Resources

If you are new to Android app localization, you may not be sure where to get started. Here are a few useful resources that should get you on the right track.

Besides these practical tutorials for Android systems, you should remember that localization is a process that should ideally begin at the design stage of app development. You will find more general localization best practices here.

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  • This tutorial from Tuts+ is perfect to get started. It covers the localization strings, dates and formats. I like its simplicity, it really goes straight to the point and gives you concrete examples. If you are localizing an Android app for the first time, I would recommend to check this one out.
  • You can also check this introduction by SitePoint, it is also very easy to read and understand, and contains a couple of extra tips for image and interface localization in Android Studio.
  • To go further, the reference is of course Android’s internationalization and localization guide. Besides the general localization workflow, you will find useful localization/internationalization tips there, as well as links to a localization checklist and other useful resources.

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