Getting Ready for LocJam, the Game Localization Contest!

LocJamWhile there are a few contests for translators on the web every now and then, these tend to be centered around literary translations, which are exciting and challenging projects, but outside the scope of my specialization.

Thus, it was with real pleasure that I first heard of the LocJam. The first edition was held last year, and I rue myself for having missed it.

It’s nice to see a competition around game localization, as it involves both technical knowledge and creativity. It will be a good opportunity to test my skills against other linguists, and I am really looking forward to the challenge.

Having worked in a game localization agency in the past and living abroad, the prize (a game translation agency studio tour and recording) are of limited interest to me, but the experience acquired translating a tricky game is priceless.

I guess a tight schedule is the thing that could stand on my way to LocJam… While I’m always happy to have a busy schedule, let’s hope I can find room for the contest! The competition will be held during the last week of February, which is normally a relatively calm period… fingers crossed. For now I will do what I can to get myself ready – getting familiar with the file formats and tools involved sounds like a good start. I will also review last year’s winning translations.

If you’re planning to give it a try as well, feel free to get in touch! I am always happy to hear from fellow game translators.