Game Localization Link Roundup – September 2016

After a relatively calm summer, September was richer in game localization-related content. Besides the Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse story, which ended with an official apology from Atlus, a few interesting interviews with veterans of the industry popped up, and the trend continued into the first few weeks of October.

We are also preparing to officially announce our plans for LocJAM Japan, so you can expect a busy end of year for the localization community!

Interview: Brian Gray on localizing Gotta Protectors

SMTIV: Faux Pas-calypse – Or how a string accidentally left untranslated can result in apologies from the developer. The issue itself is far from a first, but these things usually get swept under the rug and it was interesting to see a developer officially touch base with the gaming community regarding this

A Look At Untranslated Text In Video Game Localizations – A small compilation written after the above-mentioned story

An Interview With Mastiff: The Passion Behind Localization

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – Death By Localization

Video: How Capcom localizes games like Monster Hunter – Based on Andrew Alfonso’s (Capcom) presentation at the GDC 2016. In this video, he explains how Capcom’s localization directors address different challenges with the localization of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate as an example. A very complete presentation and a rare chance to hear the story directly from in-house people.

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