Game Localization Link Roundup – June 2016

After a calmer month of May, June once again saw a large number of articles about video game localization. Interviews, case studies, essays, resources and more, enjoy this new selection!

This month, at IGDA’s LocSIG, we were also excited to announce both the results of LocJAM3 and the first spin-off of the contest: LocJAM Japan! Japanese to English translators will finally have their own competition. Things are already looking very good, with an interesting platform to work on (Tyrano Builder), a full-fledged localization tool that allows for live preview of localized texts, and a great pool of games to choose from.

Look forward to more information about the official contest dates, upcoming workshops and more!

(Almost) Made in Brazil: Going Mobile & Embracing Fully-Localized Code for Each New Territory

Interview with Zero Time Dilemma Translator, Andy Chiang

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Developers On Adapting To The West And Its Localization

Game Localization Bibliography

Ace Attorney’s Creators Talk the New Title and Localization

Image: “Here’s how much text was in a game I localized back in the day with a small army of others… It was Dragon Quest VII.”

Fun fact: Capcom had to find a clever way to hide the number 7 both inside “Biohazard” and its western title “Resident Evil”

The Exciting Ups And Painful Downs Of Game Localization

XSEED Localization General Blog #1

Video Game Translators Are on Your Side, So Stop Hating on Them