Game Localization Link Roundup – July-August 2016

The monthly link roundup is back after a short break. To tell the truth, this summer was fairly calm in terms of game localization-related content, and the list will be short this time, despite covering two months. Not to worry though, as September has already given us a lot to read about.

On a different topic, we’re making very interesting progress with our plans for the Japanese LocJAM. Things are starting to come together nicely, and we’ll definitely have a lot to talk about during the next few months.

Japan Localization – An interesting article about localization for the Japanese market, with lots of concrete examples

Modern Military RPG Long Gone Days Requires Interpreters For Some Of Its NPCs

True tales from localization hell – More horror stories from our translator friends

The impact of localization on reviews – A study over 800,000 reviews from games available on the Google Play Store.

Localization on Unity: Adapting the Game Environment – Part 1 – A two-part article from the same blog as above, with practical advice for developers localizing their games in Unity