Game Localization Link Roundup – December 2015

A new column for a new year! Everybody seems to be sharing great information about game localization these days, and it can be tough to keep track of everything. With this new series of monthly link roundups, you now have everything in one place to catch up with industry developments.

Most of the links shared here were posted on the IGDA Localization SIG Facebook group, which I recommend you to follow for fresh information. Enjoy!

Recommandations for subtitles in videogames : Good practices from Ian Hamilton on a topic too rarely discussed.

The long, incredibly tortuous, and fascinating process of creating a Chinese font: One more proof that localization is more than mere translation. If you are still wondering why the process can be expensive…

From Japan, With Changes: The Endless Debate Over Video Game ‘Censorship’: A topic that typically triggers passionate discussions. Where do we draw the line, and what are the duties of a translator?

Mini interview: how to break into the localization industry and the challenges of today and tomorrow with Carme Mangiron Hevia, teacher at Barcelona University and former Square translator.

Getting JRPGs Out In English Is Harder Than You Think: Another Kotaku article with an interesting case study offered by XSEED’s Brittany Avery

Speaking of XSEED, here is another gem from their blog: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Localization Blog #1

Win-Win Project: Democratizing access to translation – Although the crowdfunding campaign didn’t hit its target, the concept itself remains promising. If we can crowdfund localization AND have it done by professionals, then indeed everybody wins (except the middleman?)

Useful links for translators: Not specifically aimed at game translators, but valuable resources for anybody in the industry

Call for papers: game localization round table: The next LocWorld will take place in Tokyo in April, will a pre-conference day dedicated to game localization. The registration for the main conference is now open.