Dear SDL, make Trados Studio 2014 work with .ttx files

I guess it’s a little late for Christmas wishlists, but here’s one big request I have for the programmers of SDL: please make .ttx files work with Trados Studio 2014 correctly.

I know that, officially, Trados supports ttx files. It can open pretty much any of them and let you work as you normally would. The big problem is that, when you generate target .ttx files (why would you work with them in the first place otherwise?), they will often be corrupted and just won’t open in TagEditor.

Having looked at the source code of such files, it seems the problem is related to XML tags not being closed correctly. If you try to import this files back in a Studio TM, you will get a more accurate error message.

Some say you could just export your TM from Studio and translate the .ttx file directly with it, but it won’t work either, as Studio and TagEditor segment these files and treat their tags differently.

While I understand these two versions of Trados work differently, I find it a bit ridiculous that Studio 2014 can’t generate files in a format it previously perfectly managed! It doesn’t work like Word when you are editing .docx files, nor does it work like Illustrator when you are editing .ai files – yet it can produce target files without any issue for these two formats. So why couldn’t it produce openable files for its OWN format? That goes beyond me.

So please, my developer friends of SDL, if you could take just a moment to fix this issues, you will make me the happiest translator for 2015. I swear, you can even put back Java for Multiterm, I will forgive you.