Continuing Professional Development – Back to IT School

It’s been forever since I last posted on this blog, but I’m still very much here and I have kept myself busy.

The IT industry is constantly changing, and at a pretty impressive pace. While I constantly read and learn about new things as a translator, I feel a more formal and structured learning approach is necessary to truly keep up with developments and understand what lies behind all these new terms and technologies.

The two most recent courses I’ve taken were about Cybersecurity and Machine Learning.

Cybersecurity is a fast-growing specialization, and anybody using connected devices should at least be aware of the basic security practices. Besides the professional aspect of it, studying this field encouraged me to review my own security processes, from handling project date to securing my accounts to applying security mechanisms to all of my connected devices.

Similarly, I had both a personal and professional interest in the theories behind Machine Learning. The demand for this skill is growing at an incredible pace in the IT industry. And as a translator, it is interesting to know what sort of technology underlies machine translation tools. It also helped me catch up with popular programming languages such as Python and R – always nice for someone who likes to code his own scripts.

Overall, I’m delighted I took courses in these two fields. It left me with practical information I can use daily for my work, and a deeper understanding of some of the terms and technologies referred to in the documents I translate.