Increase App/Game Sales and Downloads With Localization (App Store, Google Play, etc.)

Localization is one of the easiest ways to increase your app or game sales and downloads on the App Store or Google Play. Indeed, more and more surveys and case studies show that localizing your app in one or more languages is one of the most cost-efficient methods to increase downloads and purchases. Here are a few references to support the claim.

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  • A survey conducted in September 2014 by Transifex included 1,558 developers about their approach to localization. 70% of respondents indicated a positive impact of localization in terms of customer experience and market share.
  • A MakeAppMag article reports sales gains of up to 767% simply thanks to description/keyword localization. “French, Spanish, Italian & Russian have done very (very) well.  “

A few quotes taken from localization case studies:

  • App Localization Case Study: Etchings Goes Global (iPhone): “It’s clear that since the update, countries with translated languages have been responsible for a significantly greater share of the revenue compared to English countries. This is an encouraging result and shows that translating the app has had a real and lasting effect.”
  • How App Store Localisation Brings International Marketing Success: “What we’ve seen was 100% increase of weekly installs as well as on the revenue side we had this impact too”
  • “We’re selling twice as many copies now, in Chinese, than we ever sold in English.” – Leo Liu, PopCap Country Manager, Greater China.
  • According to Apptopia, “On average, apps that introduced a native language version increased their download volumes by more than 128% in the week following the update.  “

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