English to French Website Translation Services

Are you trying to reach a broader audience with your website? Then you will probably be interested in my English to French website localization services.

I am a professional translator specialized in IT. As a former web developer, I am familiar with technical localization concerns and can work with pretty much any file format.

I will take care of all the key elements of a successful website translation:

  • Keyword research/SEO: I will research the best keywords for the French-speaking market and use them at key locations on your pages, following SEO best practices.
  • Translation in any format: Whether your website’s contents are located in a CMS or source code, I will be able to make edits directly. If you want me to work directly with HTML, PHP, Ruby or other file formats, I will make sure the format is kept intact .
  • Customer support: Need help to communicate with your audience? I will translate e-mail exchanges with your customers in a timely manner.
  • Marketing tasks: I can also support your marketing efforts with French link building, social media activity, writing and submitting press releases, contacting media… I can also help you developing surveys and market research plans for the local market.
  • Testing: Once the texts are ready, I will make sure they display well on major web browsers, ensuring there are no problems such as overflows, missing translations…

What makes my services different

Accuracy and specialization: As a freelance web professional, I am familiar with the terminology and writing style typically used in the industry. Your customers won’t get confused because of approximate translations on your website – thus no need to spend hours writing support e-mails because the translated instructions weren’t clear enough.

Quality: Studies determined that grammar and spelling mistakes can turn prospects away and give a poor image of your company, which can have long-lasting negative effects. A typo on a product page can be enough to miss a sale. I always proofread my texts and analyze them with advanced tools to ensure they are free of mistakes/inconsistencies. You will give your prospects a professional impression, leading to improved sales.

Punctuality: Timing can be crucial when it comes to putting your website out and updating it – you never want to miss the end-of-year holidays for example. This is why I always deliver promptly and answer support requests in a timely manner, so that you can get your pages out there at the perfect time, for maximized profits.

Complete services: Do you need keyword research services? Editing services for your visual text? Localization testing and validation of the localized website? I can provide all the services related to the localization process. Having a single freelance provider simplifies project management, which means more time to focus on what you do best.

Experience: Dozens of websites translated to this day, in various formats and covering a great number of concepts (e-commerce sites, information sites…). Familiarity with web programming languages also means you won’t have headaches because someone deleted a tag or an important placeholder.


In other words, I will not only translate your website, but also take all actions necessary to ensure its success in the French-speaking markets.

To learn more about my services or ask for a quote, you can contact me by e-mail or use the form below.

Anthony Teixeira

Anthony Teixeira - Professional English to French IT/Software/Video game translator
E-mail: contact@at-it-translator.com

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As an IT professional and an experienced independent translator and proofreader, I can help you with all your localization needs. My services cover various types of texts, from software UI to technical user manuals.

Quality, punctuality and professionalism are my values. I make the most of them to ensure your projects succeed in French-speaking markets.

You can ask me for a free quote or send me your questions anytime: you will get a reply within a day in most cases.