English to French Video Games Translation Services

Video game localization is a bit of an art in itself, and a unique specialization in the world of IT translations.

Localizing video games for new territories require a lot of work and a perfect quality: bad translations can get your games rejected by manufacturers.

Having worked in a localization company for several years, I am well aware of the challenges of game localization. It’s not just about translating, but really adapting the whole game for a new audience.

  • Terminology: Each machine has its own terminology, and following the terms that are detailed in these documents is absolutely mandatory if you are to release your games on the said machine. As an experienced video game translator, I am perfectly used to work with terminologies and you can rest assured there won’t be any critical mistake that could prevent your game from being released when you want it to.
  • Style: Games can have very different tones, and character with very different personalities. Rather than simply translating your texts word by word, I will make sure the dialogs truly reflects the characters’ identities in the localized version.
  • Respect of formatting, character limits and the like: You will often need to have variables, placeholders in your text. You may also have character limits if your texts are displayed on a limited area. No problem here either! I perfectly understand what the variables are for and won’t “break” or misplace them, and I can also write reasonably short texts while keeping the translation natural and fluid.

I also offer linguistic testing (QA) services for the games you are about to release.

I will also assist you with any local marketing tasks you may require: contacting the media, sending press releases, negotiating and buying advertising space, contacting organizers of local gaming events…

In other word, using my services, you will have the guarantee that your game will be played and enjoyed by large number of gamers in the French-speaking market.

As I have a technical background, I will also be able to help with the programming side of the localization: if you’re not sure how to get started with game localization, I will be able to help you from text extraction to implementation and testing of the localized strings.

Please feel free to contact me anytime for more details about what I can offer you or for requesting a free quote.

About Me

As an IT professional and an experienced translator, I can help you with any IT-related localization project, from software to websites.

You can ask me for a free quote or send me your questions anytime: whatever the nature of your request is, you will get a reply within a few hours at most.