English to French IT Translation Services

Are you looking for a native French translator for your localization projects? Look no further!

I am an experienced English to French translator specialized in IT. After graduating from university (with a degree in IT), I have worked for a software localization company for several years before working directly with my partners. I am familiar with the latest technologies, including cloud computing and virtualization.

IT is a vast industry. I provide services for the following specialization fields:

  • Software and related manuals: From software UI and error messages to user manuals
  • Applications: iOS, Android and other mobile phones applications
  • Hardware and related documentation:  Computer and accessories
  • Video games: Consoles, handheld devices, mobiles games…
  • Websites: In any programming language

Quality is my main priority – this is why I translate only contents I feel absolutely confident with. I proofread and spellcheck all of my translations, and they are reviewed by an independent proofreader who looks for mistakes that may be left and tries to improve the text where possible. After delivery, I will answer any questions you may have regarding about my work, and this in a timely manner.

Working with a translation agency can be a good experience, especially if you are localizing in different languages. But using the services of an independent translator presents several advantages:

  • Lower costs: Overhead, administration fees, project management fees, agency margin… costs quickly add up when you work with an agency, but independent translators can offer much more competitive prices
  • Better quality and consistency: When you hire an agency, you can never be quite sure of who will take care of your translation. If you work directly with a translator, though, you know who you are talking to and what the background of the person is. Your texts will be taken of by a professional of the industry, and always the same person, removing the risks of inconsistencies
  • A quick and smooth communication: If you are in need for a quick answer regarding the localized texts, you can talk directly to the linguist who has been working on the files

To learn more about my services or ask for a quote, you can contact me anytime.


About Me

As an IT professional and an experienced translator, I can help you with any IT-related localization project, from software to websites.

You can ask me for a free quote or send me your questions anytime: whatever the nature of your request is, you will get a reply within a few hours at most.